on self love started out as a simple idea to share the remedies and practices of self-love that were discovered along the journey. call it divine intervention, but the idea kept growing and more layers were added.

in regards to the tisanes, tea blends made with the intention of medicinal effects, j. chavae comes from a caribbean background, so curing ailments with herbs came naturally. a few years ago, she herself went through some health issues and intuitively knew that there were herbs that could help her...and she was right. after trying these blends out on herself, she decided to help close friends and family as well. what started as something to help herself turned into an extreme love of tea! these herbal remedies are designed to heal from the inside out. always made with LOVE. from the HEART. for the SOUL.

j. chavae creates tea with a purpose as well as shares different methods and advice on self love with those who are open to listen.

in divine timing, more layers will be added to this brand to help remind those that choose to support this business to love themselves in more ways than one.

tools and remedies on self love will be added to the shop, so please stay tuned!